Our Neighborhood

Classes are held in a beautiful historic building at NW 13th and Hoyt in the heart of Portland’s popular Pearl District. The Pearl is considered to be the safest neighborhood in Portland. Many of the buildings (like ours) were warehouses a hundred years ago. The charming repurposed buildings are now joined by sleek modern buildings in a vibrant, upscale neighborhood of residences, hotels, parks, retail stores, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries and a variety of businesses (including a top rated yoga studio in our building).

My students love stepping out at lunchtime and choosing from sushi, burgers, Mexican food, juice bars, pizza, Whole Foods and way too many other dining options to list.

When people register for classes (or any time you request it) we provide a hotel list that includes walking-distance accommodations. Of course, there are also many Airbnb options nearby.

First Thursday is a Pearl District event held in the evening on the first Thursday of the month from June – October. It’s right outside our door and super fun. The art galleries in the neighborhood hold openings. Some serve refreshments. Art and craft vendors sell their wares in booths set up on NW 13th Ave. Retail businesses stay open and host public events. There is so much to enjoy including free live music and dancing in the street — if you’re so inclined.

Fun Portland Facts: Portland is home to 110 record stores, 188 microbreweries and 301 tattoo studios.

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