General CST Certification








General CST Certification Requirements

  • Complete Subtle Hands-On Skills, CST – The Basics, and CST – Beyond The Basics classes
  • Formally register and pay the certification program fee
  • Receive the certification documentation materials via email
  • Document at least 30 treatments after completing the CST Beyond The Basics class (may be written, voice-recorded or video-recorded)
  • Complete 5 case studies (may be written, voice-recorded or video-recorded)
  • Submit 6 client/patient evaluations (one for each case study and one for your practical exam)
  • Complete and document required reading/viewing/listening
  • Successfully complete the take-home written exam (may be written, voice-recorded or video-recorded)
  • Successfully complete the practical exam (in-person or video conference)
  • Meet with Carol Gray (in-person or video conference) to review and discuss your exams and all submitted materials
  • Successfully complete any homework required by Carol Gray after your meeting to discuss your exams and other submitted materials
  • Upon successful completion of the requirements you will be entitled to use the CST designation and say that you have been certified by The Carol Gray Center for CST Studies.
  • This journey is a collaborative growth experience.
  • There is no time limit to complete any certification process.

General CST Certification (CST) – Cost: $1200    

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