Study Groups

Carol Gray Hosts CST Study Groups in Portland$45 USD
3 hours
Saturdays 9:00-noon
All study groups are held in Portland. The address and directions are included in your registration confirmation email.

January 26, 2019 – Self-Care (You know you need to attend if you’re turned off by this topic.) –  seven openings
March 2, 2019 – Compassion –  eight openings
April 20, 2019 – The Therapeutic Envelope
  –  eight openings
June 1, 2019 – Grounding
  –  eight openings
August 24, 2019 – Renewal
  –  eight openings
October 19, 2019 – Presence
  –  eight openings
December 7, 2019 – Asking Questions
  –  eight openings
Study Group Description
Study groups are only open to my former students. We meet for three hours on a Saturday to discuss and practice our work within the context of a particular theme. Participants must register in advance. Study groups have a minimum of four and a maximum of eight students.


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